Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Long Live Lanvin!!

The much-anticipated Lanvin for H&M collection dropped in stores this weekend, and I was one of the crazed shoppers duking it out in the name of fast fashion with a designer direction. I considered opting out of the showdown entirely and saving myself from a lot of retail drama, but come Saturday morning, I found myself racing towards the Sunset location to get in on the hysteria.

For the record, this collection was no exception, and the frenzied crowds and hysterical shopping escapades that ensued were well worth it (oh, the stories I could tell!)

Check out my candids from the experience and a few of the awesome finds I snatched up. In summation--five hours and one swift swipe of my credit card later, I'm the proud owner of almost the entire women's collection! eBay, anyone?

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