Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Review: Microblading Brows by Tiana Fox

I write this post with utter excitement. You see, I have never known what it's like to have incredible brows. Admittedly, you could say I lucked out in the skin department or even in the hair department, but when it comes to brows, I totally hang my head down low. Until now.

I was recently referred to a permanent makeup artist and brow guru named Tiana Fox in Studio City, and did not hesitate to contact her right away to see what could be done about my sparse, thin brows that desperately needed pencil or powder at all times.

I figured I would always be a slave to a brow pencil for the rest of my life, and I can't tell you how many times I've run out of a gym or a fitness studio hoping no one would see how my brows have disappeared after an intense sweat session, lol. They were truly my biggest insecurity, and I had no idea that microblading could solve all of my troubles in just a few hours.

I made an appointment not knowing what to expect, but hoping that Tiana could deliver.
And boy, did she!

After an in-depth consultation about my brow hopes and desires (let them be visible, let them be permanent, let them be fabulous!) she got to work on creating the perfect shape and arch for my face shape. She was methodical and diligent in making sure they were precisely perfect and symmetrical (but still natural-looking, so not too perfect) and that the color we selected was just right, as well.

When it came time to lay back on her table and let the blade do its thing (essentially cutting the skin and depositing permanent color into the open pores), I have to admit it was painful during the first pass. I didn't bleed (whew!) but I was wincing and tearing up as I got used to the blade grazing over my brows. I've never had a tattoo or anything like that, so this was a first for me.

The pain definitely got better as we went on and the area was gradually numbed as the process went on. Before I knew it, we were all done and I was ecstatic with the end result.

My brows turned out to be everything I've ever wanted them to be, and it's been surreal to wake up and not have to worry about what they look like. I am still in amazement, and I am still getting compliments about my brows everywhere I go!
Before and After: What a huge difference! Thank you, Tiana!

 In terms of after care, you simply have to keep them out of water and sweat and sun completely for 10 days, which was a little tricky for me, but I am on day eight, and doing just fine. My brows still look great, and they gently scabbed over and peeled off, but it was totally easy to deal with and not at all unsightly.

Moments after the microblading process! Excuse my smudged eye makeup and messy hair. My brows were a little red right after the initial treatment, but returned to a normal brown shade in the next day or so.
Is this real life? I have BROWS now! Photo taken moments after I got up from Tiana's table and couldn't stop staring at my brows in the mirror.
Ladies, take my recommendation and go see Tiana Fox right away! She has the sweetest spirit ever, and you'll emerge with beautiful brows in no time. I can't stop raving about the whole experience.

SO so grateful and so thrilled with microblading and Tiana's incredible talent for this art.

Five stars all around and totally 100% #JennChanApproved!


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