Monday, May 9, 2016

The Best Lashes. Ever.

Hey Guys!
You know I LOVE me a full-on glamorous lash, any time, any day. They've certainly become my signature look, so I take them very seriously. It's safe to say that I have tried on my fair share of lashes over the years, and I've definitely determined the best of the best (at least for me.) Of course, all eyes are different, but for my peepers, in particular, these babies make them look their prettiest:

Eylure Dramatic No. 202
These have been my go-to lashes for a number of years, and I love how they come curved to perfectly the eye. One time, I landed in NYC to host an event, and realized I had accidentally left my trust No. 202 lashes at home in LA. In a panic, I e-mailed their PR firm, and by the time I landed in the Big Apple, I had a beautiful bag of Eylures waiting for me at the hotel lobby upon check-in! This style is phenomenal when I am on camera, and I love their super affordable price point, too! $6, ladies!

I was recently turned on to this new brand, which boasts silk lashes ($26/pair) that are totally animal cruelty-free and can last up to 25 wears before needing to toss them! I always get tons of compliments on my Battington lashes, and love how effortless they are to make such a major impact.

When I am feeling ultra-fancy, I reach for my Esqido lashes, and they are so very worth it. These gorgeous mink lashes are so luxe and feel divine on the eyelid. I love how natural they look, but still pack a ton of undeniable glamour. My favorites are the Lashmopolitan style ($35.)

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