Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shop Talk: Free City

The FREECITY Supermat store opened in Hollywood a few months ago, and I've been curious about the brand and retail concept for quite some time. I've seen the colorful, spirited hoodies and sweatpants around town, but never quite understood what behooved them to charge upwards of $300 (and beyond) for such simple basics. I stopped in the other day and met with founder Nina Garduno, a native Angeleno through and through, who walked me through the full FREECITY experience.

Not only is everything (the silk-screened tees, the brilliant, whimsical store installations, the ultra-fresh organic almond milk sold in the kitschy refrigerator) made completely and uniquely by hand, but the space has been curated to inspire unconventional lifestyles, free living and of course, a lot of nature-loving. See for yourself:

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