Sunday, September 27, 2015

Obsessed: Japanese Nail Art at Gavert Atelier Beverly Hills

It's been a hectic few weeks, so today I was overjoyed to step into Gavert Atelier in Beverly Hills to get my nails done by the lovely Hami for a relaxing treat.

Hami is wonderfully detail-oriented manicurist and nail artist who can truly make your dreams come true! I showed her some ideas of what I had in mind, but ultimately couldn't decide between a gradient, a heart-shaped design or tons of sparkles. Hami's suggestion? Let's do it all!

And so we did--and all ten digits turned out absolutely gorgeous! To top it off, she added some extra rhinestones on each nail for a truly stunning effect. In short, my nails have never looked better, and Hami's fabulous creative eye and sweet personality absolutely made my day. Absolutely obsessed--I will be back soon with more fun ideas to jazz up my nails!

Go see Hami!
Gavert Atelier
9666 Brighton Way
Beverly Hills CA 90210

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