Sunday, May 31, 2015

Spotlight On: Lula Mena Designs

Over the weekend, I stopped by the Dwell by Design show at the LA Convention Center to support an awesome Salvadorean designer, Lula Mena. Lula and I met a few months ago at another event, and I was so touched by her drive and dedication to helping women through her savvy (and stylish!) business.

Lula employs women artisans in her country, producing some beautiful jewelry, scarves, home decor items and more using locally-sourced sustainable materials.

By giving these women jobs through her company, she helps them make more than three times what their husbands make, completely shifting their roles in society for the better. If that isn't making a positive difference in society and the world as a whole, then I don't what is!

Lula has a heart of gold and I encourage you to go forth and shop her line!
After all, women supporting women is a wonderful cause I proudly stand behind.


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