Thursday, May 14, 2015

Come Away With Me: The Mill House Inn in East Hampton

Some way, somehow, in all my years, I have never been to the Hamptons. Of course, I had heard of its charming historical splendor, its exciting summer parties, its grandiose celebrity homes and posh restaurants frequented by the east coast elite. Despite the fact that I even spent three years living in New York City, I never quite made it to the Hamptons, even when it seemed like everyone I knew was hopping on the Jitney just as often as they could.

So imagine my delight when I was invited to attend my dear friend’s gorgeous wedding this spring in the area—at last, I could live out my preppy chic fantasy and see what all the fuss was about! 

Hello Hamptons!

I (over)packed my bags and headed out east for a long weekend away, and had the extreme pleasure of staying at the most incredible bed and breakfast called The Mill House Inn in East Hampton.

Located right on Main Street, The Mill House Inn oozes endless appeal at first glance with its adorable red brick fa├žade and open French windows. 

Upon entering, you’ll immediately feel right at home thanks to its friendly staff and abundance of delicious snacks. Yes…snacks. Allow me to elaborate--from delicious homemade cookies and kale chips to cheese and charcuterie, there’s a dizzying amount of offerings, all complimentary to guests around the clock.

Cheese & Charcuterie platter delivered to our suite. 

Snack time! Gourmet popcorn, delicious cookies, baked apple crisps and more.

The 'Nack Bar!
They also serve up refreshing coffee and tea drinks, local ice cream flavors (still dreaming about the pistachio cherry option I tasted last weekend!), and have a few fabulous fridges stocked full of beverages at all times. Alkaline water, coconut water, fresh juices, seasonal lemonades and zesty flavored ginger ale…you name, it, they’ve got it! 

Coffee Ice Cream..available around the clock. Mmmmm. 

Popcorn and Movie Night! 

Beyond the snacks, there’s also a sprawling front porch facing out on Main Street where you can sit and unwind from your travels, and a handful of open tables in the lobby beckoning you to sit and play old-fashioned board games with your travel companions, too. For the first time in probably 15 years, I found myself playing a game of checkers and never felt so relaxed and at peace in my life! Now this is what a vacation is supposed to be like.

A game of checkers and a plate of cookies. How delightful!

So in love with this delicious latte. 

As for the rooms and suites, everything at The Mill House Inn is absolutely top notch. Our gorgeous suite was located in their famed Grey House Barn and was clearly designed with comfort in mind, first and foremost. It boasted a plush king-size bed, hardwood floors, a stunning bathroom complete with a standalone bathtub and shower, a working fireplace, two flatscreen TVs (with a long list of great DVDs available to borrow from the front desk!), a spacious outdoor deck and more. Needless to say, we found it hard to leave the room at all, it was so inviting and truly had everything we could possibly dream of in a bed & breakfast stay.

I particularly enjoyed the eucalyptus-scented toiletries (bath salts, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and more) in the bathroom, all specially created for the property--and for the first time ever, I didn’t even need to pull out my own carefully-selected collection of mini prestige toiletries to use because I was so pleased with the quality of their own offerings. As a beauty editor and blogger who tests products daily, this is saying a LOT!

To familiarize ourselves with the area a bit more, the hotel even equipped us with a handy map to guide us on a 4.5 mile walk in the area. We embarked on this self-guided tour right away, which led us through an upscale neighborhood, along the beach and back through town and along the nearby shops and boutiques.

As a newbie to the Hamptons, I thought this was a great way to explore the area and really appreciated how helpful the front desk team was to answer any and all of my questions, make reservations at their favorite eateries and spout off tips and suggestions with candid honesty. While huge resorts and luxury hotels certainly have their appeal, there’s nothing quite like the personalized service and attention at a quaint bed & breakfast.

I should also mention that each morning, guests can make selections from their tempting breakfast menu and choose to dine in their room or in the lobby or common outdoor areas to start the day. Every single item on the menu is made with love and bursting with terrific flavors, and of course, the standout item would have to be lobster frittata. That’s right, you heard me. Lobster. Fritatta.

Needless to say, there’s no shortage of charming amenities to The Mill House Inn, and it would be hard to single out my absolute favorite aspect of the property during my short stay. If you’re seeking a peaceful yet posh place to get away and relax like no other, I highly recommend this delightful gem.

There’s truly no place else quite like it.

To book a stay at The Mill House Inn, please visit their web site.

Mill House Inn
31 North Main Street,  East Hampton,  Long Island,  NY  11937
Phone: 631-324-9766          Fax: 631-324-9793

*Photography Credit: Jonathan Higbee and Jennifer Chan

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cintam said...

Wow! I've never been to the Hamptons either but it's on my bucket list now. This place sounds great with all of the personal touches that gets lost with the big hotels. Your pictures were awesome as I felt I was there with you! The Millhouse Inn really knows how to treat their guests and provide great service which sets them apart!