Monday, February 14, 2011

Girlactik Beauty Event

Wel, darlings, there's a slightly lesser-known beauty brand called Girlactik out there, and I actually haven't heard much about it until I was recently invited to the launch party of their new Karina Smirnoff collection. Now I'm not a big K.S. fan, but the bash was being held at Sweet E's Bakery here in L.A., so naturally, I wasn't about to turn down delectable dessert bites and free makeup, right? Wrong!

This party left me dumbfounded and empty-handed. Not only was there seemingly no PR on site (at least I didn't feel in any way informed about the product launch, nor did I meet Karina or anyone from the brand), but there weren't any samples to take home (no goodie bag? at a beauty event? whaaaat?); and no sweet treats to nibble on while watching people randomly get manicures or blowouts. Mmmm okay.

I don't mean to sound like a spoiled beauty blogger/editor, but it is kind of a cardinal rule that beauty events send you home with at least a small arsenal of samples to play with and write about so you can see what all the fuss is about. But here, not so much. From what I could see, nothing looked uber-fabulous (although maybe it was? I'll just never know because I feel like I know nothing about the line, and still have yet to check out the products), although the loose glitter was quite pretty.

Here's the scene:

Had all the makings to be a super successful girly party, but I emerged slightly confused and even less enthused than when I walked in.
Oh well, try again, Girlactik.

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