Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Leather Love

It's rare that I ever actually start scouting out fall fashion when summer is still most definitely in full swing, but I spotted this amazing leather jacket today at Anthropologie and was suddenly longing for chilly autumn breezes. I tried it on, and realized immediately that I needed to have it. Its paper-thin leather was sumptuous and feminine, the dramatized collar added just enough flair while everything else was streamlined and subtle--no flashy zippers or heavy rock n' roll embellishments. It fit like a dream and that's hard to come by for me and jackets.

I didn't buy it today, because I always like to mull over big purchases and see if it'll go down at all, but I have a New York trip in the works (!!), and I think this is a must-have for my travels. Stay tuned.

$248 at Anthropologie.com.

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