Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Spotlight On: Iron Strong Jewelry

I have a lot of passions in life, and two of them are definitely fitness and jewelry. So when they come together in an incredible way, I simply have to share it with the world.

Enter Tina Tang, a dear friend and talented jewelry designer-turned-personal-trainer, who has a brand new line of chic pendant necklaces called Iron Strong Jewelry.
You may be familiar with Tina as the New York-based talent with a huge celebrity following, who also ran and operated a charming jewelry store in the West Village for over 10 years before shifting gears to train clients at Equinox.

Tina and I first met when I was an editor at InStyle in New York City, and she will always hold a special place in my heart as an inspiring, gifted and supportive friend with a heart of gold. It's only fitting that she has now has combined her two loves for a special line with empowering meaning.

She's launched a Kickstarter program to help with production costs, and I'm ready to donate ASAP to support this creative visionary and, of course, secure a fabulous necklace from her line, too.

My fave?

The dancer's pose, of course! Yoga has centered me so much this summer, and this pose makes me infinitely happy and free, having been a dancer for years growing up.
I absolutely love it, and encourage you all to check out her site for an inspiring necklace that motivates you to move your body and strengthens your soul, too.


Best of luck to Tina and her incredible Iron Strong Jewelry line!
To support Iron Strong Jewelry, check out her Kickstarter page

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