Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Visit to Psychic Girl: Jusstine Kenzer

Hey girl hey!

So, it's been awhile, I know. And I'm sorry.

But hopefully you've been following my Instagram @JenniferCChan to get the scoop on all of that I've been up to.

And as you may have noticed, my life has been busier than ever lately!
Between deadlines around the clock at the office, followed by a whirlwind of events (about four to five, on average) every single night, my schedule is in overdrive in every way right now.

Beyond that, I push myself to make fitness, health, friends, weddings, travel, family and my personal life a priority, too; so it's safe to say that I'm juggling quite a bit at all times right now.
When people ask me how I juggle it all, I usually say I take things one day at a time to retain my composure and not get overwhelmed, because honestly, that's all I really can do--and I think I do it pretty well!

As as for my future plans, I am wholeheartedly hoping for the best.

On the record, I love and embrace every minute of my life, as I find it rich, rewarding and exciting and I thank my lucky stars on a daily basis for all that I get to do and for all of the meaningful and inspiring people in my network.

That being said, I still want more.

Like any true overachiever, I'm itching for more challenges and exciting paths to explore, I'm curious about what lies ahead and heck, any advice of any kind is warmly appreciated by this busy girl on the go at this point.

When I had the opportunity to meet with Jusstine Kenzer, a.k.a. Psychic Girl, for a reading recently, I knew this might be just what the doctor ordered.

Jusstine has made a name for herself in the biz having worked with plenty of celebs (ah-hem, Britney Spears) and media outlets in the past, so she's certainly no stranger to the spotlight.

Best of all, I had heard great things about her, so I wasn't terribly nervous when I pulled up to her Burbank home/office for my reading.
What's the worse that could happen, right?

Now, a little background--I've never actually had an official psychic reading ever before in my life, but I've always been intrigued by the concept. Sure, I've enjoyed mini 10-minute sessions at various fashion events over the years,  but this would be my first experience with a full hour or so devoted to me in a private setting.

I couldn't wait!

When I arrived, I stepped into Jusstine's serene space and cozied up on the couch and we chatted about how the session would run.

She told me I needed to have a lot of very specific questions ready to fire away for her, and she would do her best to intuit any answers that came to her.

Truth be told, I didn't really prepare anything in advance, but given that I'm a journalist by profession, and often think on my feet during interviews, I was confident I could get through this without any prep work. After all, what could be more natural to seek answers about than the personal questions of my very own life?

We started off with Jusstine reading my energy right off the bat, and she gave me a nice rounded summary of the overview of where I'm at right now.

It didn't totally make sense to me right away (it was mostly about religion), but when she explained how else it could be interpreted, it started to sink in a bit more.

From there, I fired away questions at her, challenging myself to come up with extremely specific questions versus broad generic questions, as she instructed me.

For example, instead of saying, "Will I be moving in the near future?", you should say "Do you think downtown or Santa Monica would be a better fit for me?"

(FYI, she told me that she definitely saw me moving west more than anything, which is strange, because I never really considered going that direction, and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. But it's a thought.)

You could also give her specific names of people in your life and she could channel their energy and give you an overview of what their purpose is in your life.

Can. We. Say. Fascinating??!

With these, she was spot on. And I was relieved in a way, on so many levels.

Of course we chatted about work/career, family and romantic relationships, and at one point we even did a mini crystal ritual of sorts, to rid myself of energy from a tainted past relationship gone awry.

Whew. If anything, let's hope those crystals are working their magic!

I won't divulge the revelations that I experienced sitting on Jusstine's couch that afternoon, but I will say that I learned a lot. About myself, my limits and what the future (hopefully) holds.

And it's all good stuff! (high-five!)

It's funny how one person's support and listening ear can give you a nudge to do or say what you held in your heart and maybe didn't/wouldn't/couldn't speak of or act on right away.

Jusstine will tap into that. And she'll tell you what she sees for you.

For me, it was also insightful to listen to my heart, slow down and ask the questions that really trigger me. And along the way, I even surprised myself.

I mean, when else would I have had the opportunity to air some of these lingering thoughts (good or bad) to someone?

On the upside, she did confirm that she believes I will get married one day (okay, she actually specified at age 32), but we didn't discuss any other specifics about this mystery man because I apparently haven't met him yet. (Well, that's good to know.)

Lastly, the session ended with a healing experience, where Jusstine guides you through a metaphoric dialogue that requires a bit of concentration and open-mindedness.

At this point, you've  already divulged so much of your life to her that you've got nothing to lose--so my advice is just to listen, trust and just let go, even if you feel totally corny.

Because once you get over that, it's kind of awesome.

And you'll open your eyes and realize that Jusstine kind of rocks.

And best of all? She records the whole thing and e-mails you every minute of your reading so you can replay it later on, should you need to hear her soothing, spiritual wisdom at any point. Um, brilliant.

Alright universe, I'm ready when you are....and if I have any questions along the way, I'm going right back to Jusstine.

To schedule a reading with Jusstine Kenzer, contact her site: or by phone: #323.383.9815.

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