Friday, June 10, 2016

Fancy Feet: Red Carpet Paris Insoles

It's no secret that I love high heels; but with that adoration, comes a steep price of pain.

Enter Red Carpet Paris shoe insoles, a luxe brand from France that's changed the insole game as we know it (honestly, it was a small game to begin with, but I'm so glad I found these!)

If you're looking for gorgeous leather insoles to match your red-soled stilettos (or any other designer shoe in your collection), these are perfect for you. The quality of Italian leather is truly top notch, and they're available in half-soles for the ball of the foot, closed-toe full insoles or open-toe full insoles, depending on your preference. Plus, they seamlessly blend into the interior of any style you own, so they look polished and chic and not at all tacky.

Best of all, they definitely add a terrific amount of added comfort with each step (yes, I tried them!) and are easily interchangeable between heels since there's no sticky backing on them.

There you have it, these pretty pads will help your heels feel supported with ease.

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