Wednesday, April 1, 2015

All About Engagement Rings! My 5 Fave Kirk Kara Styles

As we all know, wedding season is in full swing, and this year is a busy one for me! I'm attending a few fabulous nuptials as a guest, and also the Maid of Honor and wedding planner for different occasions, too. Needless to say, I've definitely eyed my fair share of fabulous engagement rings over the years, and have an endless love for all things bling.

I've recently partnered up with Robbins Brothers this year as a brand ambassador and can't wait to share my love for sparkle and romance with all of you throughout the year!

First up, I review five dynamic diamond rings from designer Kirk Kara, that certainly can't be missed.
Check out what I had to say about each engagement ring here on the Robbins Brothers blog!

What's your favorite engagement ring style?


princessalbert said...

I have an engagement ring outlined by Sylvie Collection - the capricious sort :) Sylvie made for me an uncommon posting, with an three stone ring and a yellow diamond, radiant engagment rings. so wonderful! A genuine "wow impact" for the prime of my life :)
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Ricky Rowe said...

Congrats on that partnership! It’s great that you get to spread the good word on fine jewelry, and you get to try out those amazing rings. Getting firsthand information on how a particular ring looks and feels when worn might even help guys in choosing the perfect ring to pop the question with. And you can really help out in that regard. Anyway, good luck on your future endeavors!

Ricky Rowe @ Find A Jewelry Expert

Verna Ford said...

This looks like a gorgeous collection of rings. And I send my congratulations on becoming a brand ambassador. I do so much love designer jewellery over high street choices – they’re so samey. I had my engagement ring made by Jacobs the Jewellers and they did a fabulous job. But that doesn’t mean I won’t look elsewhere for our wedding rings!

Verna Ford @ Jacobs the Jewellers

Roberta Carson said...

Wedding season is such a wonderful time for happiness and love. I adore your passion for sparkle and all things to do with engagement rings. I love how in depth, yet simple to understand your articles are. Also, congratulations on working with Robin Brothers. I'd love to see more engagement rings on your blog.

Roberta Carson @ Gittelson Jewelers