Sunday, August 17, 2014

And Then...I Found Paradise.

And it looks a little something like this:


(via Instagram

As a California girl, I'm no stranger to beaches. But, I am a stranger to far and away exotic tropical lands, which is where I serendipitously found myself this week.

The past few months have brought about all sorts of new adventures and intriguing challenges for me, personally, professionally, and every other way possible, really. Without going into further detail, I will say that there's been no shortage of soul searching this summer, and I can feel change and transition happening in every fiber of my body.

So why not push myself out of my comfort zone, explore a new land and do some invigorating (and yes, restorative) yoga to alleviate all of the ailments (physically and spiritually) I've been plagued with recently?

I'm fondly calling this journey #JennPrayLove. And it's about damn time.

Photos to come, adventures await.

Stay tuned. xx

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cintam said...

Can't wait to read more #jennpraylove