Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spa Review: La Prairie at the Beverly Hills Hotel

Nothing is as quite as classically iconic as The Beverly Hills Hotel--a luxe, pink-and-green adorned hot spot that I've lusted over for pretty much my entire lifetime growing up as a girl in Texas. Fast forward several years and now I live just down the street from the hotel, and drive by it daily. Quaintly situated in the middle of Beverly Hills at a dizzying intersection, the hotel is majestically surrounded in palm trees and pink, a sight that brings me back to my SoCal sensibilities in just one glance, no matter how infuriating the surrounding traffic may be.

From time to time I find myself there for an event or birthday gathering, but never do I really get to indulge and relax in the environment on my own time. Thanks to the lovely people at LaPrairie, I was invited in for a deliriously indulgent afternoon of pampering in the form of their Platinum Rare Facial at the spa. I regularly use the caviar creams (face and eye formulas) from LaPrairie, so I was excited to test out the ultra-indulgent platinum collection.

The 90-minute session rejuvenates your senses and relaxes you like no other. For a little mood music, Sade crooned in the background while two therapists worked their magic on my face (enzyme peel, masks, steaming, extractions, scalp massage and more), hands and feet (exfoliated, massaged and wrapped in paraffin wax) to restore balance, vitality and moisture in skin cells; all while taking special precautions to combat ANY and all signs of aging. I'm still in my 20s, but I feel confident that my skin will reap the benefits of these treatments when older age sets in.

In every was possible, I deem this facial the creme de la creme, of all facials out there. The platinum products from LaPrairie are extraordinary. By the time I was done, my complexion looked like that of a 12-year old. No really, I looked that young. And, I was drenched in silky, fabulous serums and creams from head to toe, and felt wonderfully relaxed. Bliss.

I steamed, sauna-ed and relaxed in the (small) women's changing area and lounge, before strolling outside to the lavish courtyard and pool area just outside of the spa where I proceeded to, well, relax, just a tad bit more--in true BH fashion.

All in all, two thumbs up. If you want to truly pamper yourself and go all out for fantastic skin care results, book it to the Beverly Hills Hotel Spa by LaPrairie.

Photos from my experience below:

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