Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Beauty BUZZ: Beecology Body Wash

When it comes to beauty, it's fair to say that I'm an all-out glamour girl through and through; but when it comes to lifestyle, I'm also an organic-buying, yoga-loving vegetarian who is all for natural products and sustainable (yet sophisticated) living, whenever possible.

Unsurprisingly, as a lifelong beauty junkie, I've definitely played the brave guinea pig role plenty of times in the name of testing out fancy products or ground-breaking new treatments (chemical peels, laser treatments, harsh serums, etc.) that may or may not have always delivered the kind of results I was looking for. And so when a sweet, all-natural, pure and simple product comes my way--free of funky chemicals and heaven-knows-what-else--I welcome it with open arms.

This summer, I'm currently hooked on Beecology's 100% Natural Grapefruit & Lemongrass Body Wash.

Not only does it provide a rich, juicy lather, but it smells insanely delicious and never irritates my sensitive skin. I'd liken it to Kiehl's body cleansers without the steep price tag (Beecology's bottles run a modest $7.99 a pop.)

Plus, how cute is this? All of Beecology's goods are actually handcrafted with love by an eco-minded family in Ohio, who's also committed to giving back to charity in the process of producing and packaging awesome, good-for-you products--straight from the beehives on their farm.


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